Mobile Page Speed Audit Services

The Need for Mobile Speed

Mobile Page Speed Audit Services by Pure Oxygen LabsThe shift to responsive design has come at the cost of mobile page speed. Did you know the average retailer page right now takes nearly 7 seconds to load on mobile devices? Studies also show after 2.5 seconds, mobile conversion goes down at a shocking rate of 35-50% per second. Solving for mobile speed could therefore mean a boost to mobile commerce by over 200%. What’s more – Google and Facebook are both introducing page speed as a ranking factor in their search and social algorithms. There has never been a better time to address speed than now.

Mobile Speed Audit Services

At Pure Oxygen Labs, we combine world-class mobile search consulting expertise with proprietary enterprise auditing technology to identify your biggest impact mobile speed opportunities. From short-term fixes, to long-term structural issues, we quickly pinpoint steps to take for measurable impact on your conversion and revenue. While each mobile speed audit is a highly custom deliverable, standard scope and components include:

  • Analysis of hundreds (or thousands) of mobile site pages and/or competitors
  • Speed metrics broken down by mobile strategy (responsive, adaptive, m-dot)
  • Analytics review to determine speed’s impact on m-commerce conversion
  • Expert review of HTML, CSS, and Javascript for minification opportunities
  • Identification of common responsive design “hacks” causing code bloat
  • Adaptive (“dynamic serving”) opportunities to minimize mobile payload
  • Prioritization of opportunities by effort and performance-boost
  • Readiness review for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages initiative


Why Pure Oxygen Labs?

As a recognized leader in the industry, we have the knowledge and the unique technology required to help you increase your page load times quickly. Brian Klais, founder and CEO of Pure Oxygen Labs, is a thought leader in the industry and is often quoted in various publications such as Internet Retailer.

In addition to mobile page speed audit services, we have extensive experience in optimizing mobile search campaigns, mobile SEO and mobile app deep linking. In 2015, our award winning technology and services approach was recognized by the Mobile Marketing Association with an award for Best Mobile Search Campaign.

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