Mobile Deep Linking

Deep linking is a term familiar to marketers. For most people, it simply means linking to a page deep within a website vs. the homepage. Now mobile devices have given a whole new meaning to the phrase “deep linking” by including mobile apps in that same definition.

To optimize engagement and conversion throughout the mobile consumer journey, marketers need control over deep linking to mobile apps vs. mobile websites. URLgenius is the deep linking platform that enables marketers to make routing decisions based on platform, content, promotion and marketing channel. Easy-to-use, nothing to install and unlike other solutions, no SDK integration.

Learn more about the URLgenius deep linking platform:

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Your customers will love you for it.

Whether it’s deep linking to your brand app, your social content or to the favorite apps of your customers, we can help you create a more seamless consumer journey while making you more nimble and opportunistic when it comes to new mobile marketing opportunities. Contact us to get started. We can typically get test links setup within minutes.