Mobile SEO Services - App Deep Linking and QR Codes for Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketers

Charting a successful course of action for mobile SEO requires a guide you can trust. We help leading brands, agencies and retailers develop and implement mobile SEO strategies that maximize visibility among consumers in a mobile first world.

Mobile devices are driving an unrelenting pace of change for brands and how they reach their customers and prospects. To stay on top, marketers need to engage experts in key mobile search areas and employ advanced analytics to understand fast-changing consumer behavior and trends.

Mobile First Index: Action Required

Google currently has one search index based on the desktop version of your site. That means mobile search rankings and relevancy is based more on your desktop site than your mobile site even when the user is searching with a mobile device. This has caused some usability issues in sending users to desktop vs. mobile sites. Google is about to change that with its “mobile first index”. Companies with first page organic visibility may see rankings fall dramatically based on mobile readiness. Learn more

Mobile Page Speed Audit Services

In the past few years, many companies have made great strides in mobile usability through responsive design. Users can navigate sites more easily using few clicks, pinches and zooms. The downside for these usability gains is slowness and Google is now penalizing sites that take too long to load. There are many variables that can impact page speed. We used our proprietary technology and advanced analytics to recommend mobile site changes that can dramatically page load times. Learn more



CTR Conversion Analysis

Even some of the best search analysts are limited by the data available in the Google Search Console. Pure Oxygen Labs has developed unique, proprietary technology that goes beyond your top 1,000 searches to find unique insights not readily available. Discover how your customers and prospects search differently on mobile vs. desktop and what actions to take to capitalize on that insight. Learn more

Voice Search Analysis

Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant and more are letting your customers use voice search to find what they want. Voice is the next frontier in search marketing. Marketers need to know how voice search queries differ from typed queries. Google Analytics does not yet allow filtering on this data and yet it is available in the Google Search console. We can help you leapfrog your competition through voice search insights and optimization. Learn more

Outrank Your Competition.

Do you have mobile SEO projects that immediate attention? Now is the time to take action before the holiday season. Tell us what you need and we can tailor a solution that’s right for your business and your budget.