February 3, 2020

How to Make Deep Links and QR Codes for Snapchat

The Incredible Growth of Snapchat and Why Deep Linking Matters

Snapchat Deep Linking with URLgenius

In just a few short years, Snapchat has quickly become a very important marketing channel for all types of advertisers. In Q2 2021, the company added 13 million daily users, a 23 percent increase from one year prior. That means 293 million people use Snapchat every day around the world, up from 173 million this time four years ago. Twitter reported 206 million daily users in the second quarter, by comparison. Snap’s revenue also soared 116 percent to $982 million, making it a faster growing business than Twitter or Facebook.

Deep linking to your profile from different marketing channels including email, display advertising and paid search cab help you grow your Snapchat audience quickly.

Pro Tip: Want to link to your mobile app from Snapchat? It’s easy with a deep linking platform like URLgenius which is a platform designed for marketers and agencies lets you create a link to just about any app. You don’t need SDKs or development resources and you’ll get some cool reporting. You can even track installs and pass tracking parameters for attribution. Start by entering the App Store or Google Play link to our app in the box provided on the URLgenius homepage.

Deep link to Snapchat from any channel

Grow Followers Faster with Snapchat App Deep Linking

Marketers just getting started with Snapchat may not know what percentage of their audience is using the social network. Knowing that number is important for measuring the success of your efforts as you start to promote your Snapchat profile content and stories. A simple way to estimate Snapchat usage among your customers and prospects is to link to your Snapchat profile from your email campaigns, display advertising and other marketing channels.

When you update the link to your Snapchat profile with URLgenius, you will have access to a wide range of insights including visitors, clicks and Snapchat app opens by platform, device and channel.

Deep link to Snapchat from any channel and track app opens.

Snapchat Deep Links Step-by-Step

  • Create a URLgenius account.
  • Login to your URLgenius account:
  • Once logged in, you’re ready to create a deep link to your Snapchat profile
  • Type the link to your Snapchat profile into the URLgenius home page in the following format: where “username” is your Snapchat profile name.

Create a link to your Snapchat profile for use in any channel.

URLgenius Deep Linking to Social Apps

Link to Snapchat profiles from email, display, paid search.

  • For example, in the screenshot below we are creating a deep link to the Macy’s snapchat profile which is “macyssnaps”. Notice the Snapchat icon is highlighted.
Snapchat Deep Linking with URLgenius

How to link to Snapchat profiles from any channel.

How to create deep links to Snapchat

  • Notice at the bottom of the dialog above there is a pre-populated field that contains four random characters. You can customize this part of the path for tracking purposes by channel or campaign.
  • For example, you could change it to say ‘fall-campaign” or “email-campaign”
  • Click the “Compose URL” button and you are then brought to the settings page where you can copy the link for use in another marketing channel.
  • Tip: Scan the QR code with your mobile device to test the behavior of the link.
  • Copy your URLgenius Snapchat deep link and use it in your other marketing channels.

Copy your URLgenius Snapchat link and paste it in any channel.

Deep Linking to Snapchat with URLgenius

How to use URLgenius links for Snapchat.

Where to place your URLgenius deep links for Snapchat

  • Use it behind a Snapchat icon on your website.
  • Place it behind the Snapchat icon in your email templates.
  • Promote your Snapchat URLgenius deep link on other social networks.
  • Place behind banners in display advertising and paid search campaigns that promote your Snapchat content and presence.
  • Analytics Tip: Append your preferred web or channel analytics UTM parameters for tracking (Google Analytics, Omniture, Kenshoo etc.)

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for Snapchat

URLgenius Deep Linking Metrics for Snapchat

You can login to URLgenius anytime to understand how much Snapchat engagement you’re driving.

  • This screenshot is an example chart for daily visitors and clicks by date range:

Deep linking metrics for Snapchat

Deep linking analytics for Snapchat via URLgenius

  • The next chart below shows Snapchat app opens by platform.
  • Using these charts, you can estimate what percentage if your social engagers have installed theSnapchat mobile app for iOS and Android.
  • App store opens indicates those who have interest in your Snapchat profile but have not installed the Snapchat app yet.
Snapchat Deep Linking Analytics via URLgenius

Deep linking analytics for Snapchat via URLgenius

  • And here’s a chart example of clicks by device and by state.
Snapchat Deep Linking via URLgenius

When you compose a URLgenius link, you will also instantly create a QR code that will be available on the settings page. Use the QR code to link to your Snapchat profile from printed and other offline materials. URLgenius also lets you create QR codes that link directly to the Facebook and Instagram.

  • When you have clicks, we will send you an analytics update each month
  • Keep in mind there is a one hour delay in reporting.

Login now and get started.

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