Apple Universal Links Implementation - App Deep Linking and QR Codes for Amazon, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook Marketers

Universal links is the foundation for the future of marketing on Apple iOS devices. Once apple_logo_grey_200x243implemented, it can put your multi-channel campaign managers on a path to controlling exactly when to open a mobile app vs. mobile website at any given moment across all marketing channels including display, search, affiliate and email channels.

Universal links can also open the door to all types of new marketing opportunities that place your brand where your consumers are in context and in their favorite apps! Other benefits of Universal Links include:

  • Surfacing your app content in mobile search results including product pages, store information and promotional content.
  • Set links for any channel campaign to automatically link to a page deep within your app without going through the Safari web browser
  • Seamless marketing from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to your app on iOS while avoiding mobile website login barriers.
  • App-to-app marketing opportunities targeting iOS9 users that enable you to link more effectively to your app from the favorite apps of your customers.
  • Use URLgenius to give your campaign managers control over when to launch mobile app vs. web
  • Create app-to-app marketing opportunities targeting Android users that link to your app from within the favorite apps of your customers.
  • Create innovative app-to-store promotions designed to drive more foot traffic

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Make your consumer’s journey universal.

Implementing Apple Universal Links could significantly increase your online revenue and loyalty from iOS users. Our team of experts will assess your unique iOS app requirements and implement this important new standard according to your specifications and marketing objectives.