URLgenius Mobile Deep Linking Capabilities

Deep linking can be a complex endeavor. Unlike many companies that offer deep linking technology, URLgenius by Pure Oxygen Labs does not require SDK or API integration. Our deep linking solutions are designed for marketers, multi-channel retailers and other companies with ease-of-use is a core principle in our approach. We shift control of deep linking from application developers to the marketing department to be used as a campaign optimization tool.

Deep linking goes far beyond app installs, interstitial design and single point solutions. The URLgenius platform integrates all the latest developments from Google, Apple, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram into one simple, easy-to-use platform. Optimizing the consumer experience is at the core of what we do.

URLgenius can be used in any channel and can be scaled to millions of links even before you implement Universal Links and App Indexing.  Learn more about the URLgenius platform:

Platform Features

  • Cloud-based approach > no SDK or technical implementation
  • URLGenius does not require iOS Universal Links or Android App Indexing
  • Create marketing links that detect and open your mobile app (web-to-app-marketing) from any marketing channel including email, display, paid search, social and affiliate
  • URLgenius links route traffic to desktop, mobile web, iOS apps, android apps and app stores.
  • Create one link for a test campaign or scale to millions of links
  • Edit routing rules for any link at any time > no need to update campaign links
  • Present fully branded choice pages that lets users select between app and web
  • Set choice page to display at a percentage from 0% to 100% to continuously poll user preferences
  • Compatible with Safari, Chrome and embedded browsers for Facebook and Twitter
  • Unique analytics including app opens across iOS and Android
  • UTM parameter support for any web or channel analytics platform no SDK required
  • Create links for cross-platform smart banners that drive app downloads and re-engagement without SDK or complex technical integration

Beyond point solutions.
No SDKs. No APIs.

Driving installs to your app is only part of the equation. URLgenius is the deep linking platform designed for marketers not application developers. Contact us to get started. We can typically get test links setup within minutes.