September 22, 2020

Amazon Expert Agency Q&A: How AGM Doubles Conversion for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Seller Expert Agency Q&A with URLgenius

Promotion of content on social media and selling on the Amazon Marketplace are both complex endeavors that require deep platform knowledge. To avoid costly mistakes and to make sure their marketing dollars are spent in ways that will maximize conversion and revenue, many Amazon sellers turn to expert agencies that have in-depth knowledge of the Amazon platform.

To get an inside look at how these agencies succeed, we sat down with Manuel Suarez, CEO and Founder of Attention Grabbing Media, to more learn about marketing and selling on Amazon and how URLgenius has become an important part of the agency’s strategy.

Thanks for participating in our Q&A series! Tell us about Attention Grabbing Media. How is AGM different from other agencies?

Amazon Seller Expert Agency Q&A with URLgenius

Thank you! We are different in terms of our no-nonsense approach at AGM, and what I mean is that we walk the walk. I don’t have to stand in front of a rented Lamborghini to convince you to use my services. In fact, we turn down potential clients every day because they simply do not have the manpower to handle the growth we can bring them as their agency. 

People are also loyal to results and if we do not feel like it is a good fit we will tell you straight up. We can achieve great results because we test everything with our brands and AGM first. Through all my consultations, keynotes, and coaching sessions I never bring up something I have not first proven that it works without a shadow of a doubt.

How has the Covid-19 crisis affected your business? Have the needs of AGM clients changed?

The Covid-19 pandemic has solidified a message I have been preaching for years. Although I have always believed in the power of social media, Covid has turned it from a luxury into a necessity for the masses. In fact, my e-commerce brands have broken records consistently month after month since the pandemic began. So much so that we have missed over 400 calls due to the amount of business we are getting.  While some companies are closing and laying off staff, we are trying to hire more people as fast as possible. Our clients are seeing the same trend because so many consumers were thrown into shopping online so quickly that the people who had been following my advice were ready. We have had some pivot strategies, but the foundation was to set, so those clients were able to adjust with the speed and support of AGM.

What do companies struggle with most when it comes to social media strategies?

A popular struggle is content creation and the strategy that goes behind it as well as the distribution. Some tips I would give is to document what it is that you are doing instead of trying to plan the perfect video. People get caught up in needing the perfect camera or lighting which is just an excuse to hide procrastination.  Get your camera, tap record, and off you go.

The first thing I tell people to do is find out what their superpower is (Their Expertise) and provide valuable content around that subject with audio, videos, or written content. I wish that companies would understand that fearing what others think about their content is an unnecessary and counterproductive thing to be worried about.

What is the most difficult thing about being an Amazon Seller?

Besides the obvious struggle of getting your product ranked, I would say learning to stop relying 100% on the Amazon platform itself. So many sellers are at the mercy of Amazon and can quickly get their stores shut down or customer databases taken at any moment. It is critical to the survival of sellers to learn how to drive traffic to other stores, outside of Amazon, from social media platforms while also maintaining full control of their list of buyers and potential buyers.

Utilizing URLgenius links we have been able to double our conversions in most cases. It is extremely invaluable to every client we work with because it makes the customer journey much easier and provides the experiences that produce more sales and higher rankings. – Manuel Suarez, CEO and Founder, Attention Grabbing Media

What was the problem were you having that led you to find and use URLgenius?

One of our services is helping Amazon sellers rank their products, but the standard links we were using did not open the buyer’s Amazon app. It would open the browser and force the buyer to log into their account on the Amazon website before they could make a purchase. This was causing friction with the buys and causing us to lose customers.

Anyone who works in the digital marketing space knows that the more friction the customer goes through, the less likely they are to convert.  We wanted something better. URLgenius gave us the best tool available to streamline the buying process which led to consistent sales growth.

Has URLgenius increased revenue for your clients?

Utilizing URLgenius links we have been able to double our conversions in most cases. It is extremely invaluable to every client we work with because it makes the customer journey much easier and provides the experiences that produce more sales and higher rankings.

Did you measure the increase in conversion by doing an an A/B test with regular Amazon links?

Yes and not only did we do a split test to understand the increase in conversions, but we also discovered that using URLgenius links led to few customer service issues and questions due to how easy it is to visit the store and purchase our products.

Has URLgenius enabled the AGM Agency to offer any new services or changed the focus of some campaigns?

URLgenius has enabled us to optimize our Amazon ranking services which has led to more referrals and easier scaling of our services. We have been able to get extremely creative utilizing the links with platforms like ManyChat, YouTube and other social media channels that drive traffic which otherwise would not have been possible without URLgenius.

What are some of the use cases with URLgenius links that help your clients achieve their goals?

The number one way we use URLgenius is for Amazon entrepreneurs looking to rank their products utilizing our paid social media strategies. It has allowed these sellers to rank on the first page of their product categories in a much faster and effective way. We also have been able to apply URLgenius links to grow seamlessly by cross-promoting on different platforms.

The holiday season is almost upon us! What do you think will be different this year when it comes to either social media advertising or selling on Amazon?

I see sales records being shattered to pieces this year IF sellers have established the correct positioning online. Mobile is dominating when it comes to traffic, and people are typically on their phones more during the holidays.  Combine that with what is going on in the world and you have got what I think is a recipe for what I believe is going to be one of the best quarters for businesses who take social media seriously NOW.

Take advantage of opportunities in front of you and start building your list so that when Santa comes to town instead of riding a sleigh, he is driving an Amazon truck full of your products.

Thanks again for your time. We wish you and your team continued success at Attention Grabbing Media!

A big thanks to the team at URLgenius for helping us help others!

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