October 25, 2022

How to Generate Spotify Profile & Song Links to Open the Spotify App from Social Media Ads & Increase Spotify Streams

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While not everyone has the same taste in music, most people seem to have the same taste in their preferred music platform. Spotify holds the title of the most popular music streaming service, with 433 million users and 188 million subscribers worldwide.

For some, Spotify is the place to go whenever their favorite artist drops a new album or when wanting to craft the perfect playlist for any particular occasion. Whereas for new and upcoming artists, the platform represents a musical terrain of opportunity where they can set up their account and hopefully be found by as many listeners as possible.

Now of course, this is a rather difficult feat to accomplish on a musical artist’s own, which is why most turn to different social media platforms to promote themselves via various Spotify ads. Whether it’s TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, these links can be the difference between making it or breaking it as a new musician.

Spotify user scrolling through the app on smartphone

That means music promotors, agencies, and record companies are trying to figure out how to send consumers smoothly and efficiently from social media apps to the right artist, track, or playlist in the Spotify app.

Considering most people spend a major chunk of their free time on their phones and social media apps, this sort of Spotify advertising seems essential, right? Linking app-to-app easily however is not a given. Is there a way to maximize this social media strategy for Spotify without SDKs and lots of technical resources?

The answer is yes— yes, there is. With deep links and QR codes.

Let’s dive in before you start scratching your head a little too hard, shall we? We’re going to show you step-by-step how to update your Spotify links to garner more listeners, subscribers, likes, and comments.

How To Increase Monthly Listeners On Spotify With App Deep Links

Before we elaborate too much on what we just said, let’s paint a little picture of the problem you’ll face without us and our genius solution— app deep links for marketers.

Imagine this— the TikTok (or Instagram or YouTube or any of those other places where there’s a like button) algorithm has landed the Spotify ad for the artist you represent on the feed of the ideal listener. Let’s say this user pauses on your ad, watches/listens to your artist, enjoys what they hear and see, and decides to tap on the CTA button embedded in your ad. Awesome, right?

Oh, but wait— why do they find themselves taken to the Spotify web page that needs them to log in? (Jeez, it’s been years since they’ve logged into their Spotify app, and why didn’t the link just take them directly there anyway? Annoying!)

When clicked from TikTok ad, a regular Spotify link sends your audience to the Spotify website login.

Why did that happen, you ask? Well that, my friend, is just a little phenomenon we like to call the walled garden. The walled garden refers to the host app’s efforts to keep the user within the confines of its platform, i.e. TikTok wants you to stay on TikTok and Instagram wants you to stay on Instagram and so on and so forth. Absolutely irritating, right? And furthermore, think about the cost this is for your musician! They have just lost a stream— or perhaps even worse— a follower.

Which brings us to the moment that we know you’ve been waiting for— the big solution. So what is it?

Us. We are. The URLgenius platform has a patented process for app-to-app linking so that you can seamlessly open the Spotify app from any social app— including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

When clicked from TikTok ads, URLgenius Spotify links send your audience into the Spotify app or website letting your listener choose

Whether you’re linking your music artist’s Spotify to Facebook or looking to generate a custom Spotify profile link, our deep linking technology will seamlessly transport your potential listener from the social app that the ad is embedded in into the Spotify app itself.

What makes this all even better? It’s easy. In fact, it’s as simple as do-re-mi, A-B-C, 1-2-3 (did you really think we weren’t going to throw in a musical reference in here somewhere?). And we’re going to help you create that Spotify deep link right now— all you have to do is follow our step-by-step guide below!

Step-By-Step: How to Generate a Custom Spotify App Deep Links to Increase Spotify Streams

Creating an app deep link to open Spotify app is easy! You, your record label, or your agency can create links that open music streaming apps and you don’t need SDKs or technical resources. You can get started immediately! Follow these steps and update your Spotify campaign links today.

First, let’s say the agency representing Shakira wanted to promote her newest single via TikTok or Instagram advertising. Her team would follow these steps to generate a URLgenius Spotify app deep link that directly opens the Spotify app to the song without stopping first at the Spotify web login page within TikTok or Instagram’s in-app web browser.

URLgenius home page - Spotify profile and song mobile app URL / deep link generator

URLgenius links help you jump right over the browser login page, and straight into the Spotify app to the right screen— cool, right?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to navigate to the desired Spotify song, album, or artist page and copy the link from the share button.

URLgenius-generated Spotify profile and song mobile app URL / deep link that opens Spotify app

Paste the link into the box provided on the URLgenius home page. When pasting the link, notice the Spotify icon is highlighted— this tells you that URLgenius understands the type of link you just pasted.

Pro Tip: Note the field that lets you customize the end of the link to match your Spotify campaign to make it easy to find later or you can use the pre-populated random characters. In this example, we’re customizing it to be ‘shakira-december’.

Click the “Compose” button, which takes you to the settings page for your Spotify app deep link, where you can copy and place it into your TikTok or Instagram ad. To test the behavior of the link, you can scan the QR code.

URLgenius-generated Spotify profile and song QR code that opens Spotify app

Notice that there are advanced features on the settings page— this is also where you can see the number of clicks, Spotify app-opens, and appoximate geo-location. All data is anonymous and never shared with third parties. Contact us about how to use advanced features and how to use your artist’s web domain for your links and QR codes.

QR Codes for the Spotify App

Doing a multi-channel campaign in coordination with your TikTok or Instagram ad? Lucky for you, every URLgenius app deep link also has a corresponding QR code.

Create a branded app deep link and custom QR code to use online or offline to promote your Spotify artists, tracks, and playlists. Use them in posters, retail displays, tradeshows, and giveaway promotions. Just click on ‘QR Settings’ to find and download your code.

URLgenius-generated Spotify profile and song QR code customization

URLgenius will track scans and clicks separately and you can append tags for tracking in ways that won’t disrupt scanning (including too many tags and appending them the wrong way is a common ‘QR code fail!’).

URLgenius Is the Deep Link Between Spotify Ads and Increased Spotify Streams

As we first mentioned, Spotify is the number one music streaming platform, and social media platforms rule the smartphone app world. So then doesn’t it make sense to build a seamless bridge between those worlds with URLgenius— the leading app deep linking and QR code platform for marketers and agencies?

Turn your listeners’ journey from app to app into a great experience— and you’ll inevitably translate that into increased streams, followers, and revenue.

At URLgenius, we’re here to help! Contact us with questions at about Spotify marketing deep links and QR codes.

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