June 16, 2023

It’s Sunset for Google’s Firebase Dynamic Links

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In May 2023, Google announced it is shutting down Firebase Dynamic Links, which is part of the Firebase platform and offers deep linking capabilities. Google is no longer recommending Firebase Dynamic Links for new mobile app development projects.

An exact date for when the service will be turned off has not been announced, however, a timeline and guidance for existing implementations will be announced in Q3, 2023. At that time, companies will have approximately 12 months to migrate away from Firebase app deep linking to an alternative solution before the service is completely turned off.

URLgenius does not require Firebase Dynamic Links so Google’s decision does not affect URLgenius links which typically use URL schemes. If you are new to the topic of app deep linking or looking for alternatives to Firebase Dynamic Links, consider a codeless, SDK-free approach to lighten the technical burden on your app development team. A cloud-based, codeless approach will also give your marketing team more control over the consumer journey and the destination of your campaign links as your marketing plans evolve and change over time.

Read on for more details. This post will be updated as Google releases more information.

Google Firebase Dynamic Links Migration

What is Firebase vs. Firebase Dynamic Links?

Firebase is the name of Google’s app development platform that enables app developers to build, publish, and monitor the performance of mobile apps for iOS and Android. The Firebase platform offers various tools to help companies get apps to market efficiently including hosting, authentication, analytics, messaging, and A/B testing. Firebase Dynamic Links is just part of the platform and offers some basic app deep linking capabilities and is now being deprecated.

The best alternatives to Firebase Dynamic Links

URLgenius is considered the best alternative to Firebase Dynamic Links for a wide range of apps because the platform offers advanced deep linking capabilities and other features designed to grow your app audience but without an SDK. URLgenius is a patented, cloud-based, enterprise solution that does not require any technical resources and your app links can be setup and tested immediately.

Codeless alternatives to Firebase Dynamic Links

App deep linking and other related features do not require an SDK. URLgenius provides you with a patented, cloud-based, enterprise approach to app deep linking and more advanced capabilities designed to help you grow app installs and app engagement. URLgenius codeless solutions can be implemented immediately without SDKs while giving your marketing team more control over the customer experience and the destination of your links and QR codes.

Beyond Firebase Dynamic Links: Deferred Deep Linking, Smart App Install Banners, and Dynamic QR codes

The URLgenius platform is designed to help your marketing and development teams grow and measure app installs and reengagement while increasing speed-to-market with a codeless approach. Implementing advanced capabilities will help you grow, and measure app installs while lowering your cost-per-install (CPI). Advanced URLgenius features support Google Analytics or any other UTM parameter for any analytics platform. Consider the following capabilities as you migrate away from Firebase Dynamic Links:

Next level app linking use cases that grow installs and app engagement

As you consider alternatives to Firebase Dynamic Links, consider which use cases and customer journeys are the most important for growing your particular app audience. URLgenius supports all of today’s most important app linking use cases for both paid and organic campaigns designed to increase app installs and app reengagement including:

How to migrate away from Firebase Dynamic links

The need to migrate away from Firebase Dynamic Links is an opportunity to take a fresh look at your app deep linking needs and requirements. A codeless approach lets you unlock app install growth and new app engagement opportunities while lowering cost-per-install and the technical burden on your app development team. One less SDK to manage means more time and resources your development team will have for other projects.

URLgenius is free to test and getting started is easy. Pricing is aligned with your budget as your app marketing requirements change and grow. For now, as you test your URLgenius links, you can keep your Firebase Dynamic Links implementation in place while we work with you on a complete migration plan and as Google releases more information about the deprecation timeline.

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