June 2, 2022

How To Generate a Cash App QR Code and App Deep Link for Your Facebook Profile

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Cash App is transforming finance, with millions of people using the app to make financial transactions every day. The stunning growth of the app shows no sign of slowing down. So, it’s no surprise that you may need a QR code to open the Cash App or a link to the open app from different marketing channels, including websites and social media.

As a consumer, you might need to send or receive money to friends or family members while chatting on social media. As a business, you want to highlight the Cash App as a modern payment option that you support for easy payments. You may have tried one of those free QR code generators to create a QR code to post on social media or you simply use the link to your Cash App profile and noticed it didn’t open the app!

The problem is, whether your Cash App profile link is behind a QR code or not, the regular link cannot open the Cash App from Facebook or other social apps. So, what do you typically get instead?

What you typically get is the Cash App website login.

When clicked from Facebook, the regular Cash App link sends your visitor to the website login within Facebook

First, you should know, that this is not the fault of the Cash App. What you’re seeing is a common industry problem called “the walled garden” seen when opening one app from another app. When presented with the website login, your visitor may not remember their password because the Cash App is persistently open on their smartphone and they don’t often have to type it in.

As consumers, we all experienced something like this with a variety of apps, right? In the case of Cash App, you may decide to do the transaction later or perhaps you jump over to the Cash App and try to find the contact but then give up. These little hiccups make sending and receiving money inconvenient, and even confusing at times.

But most importantly— someone is not getting their money in a timely fashion.

Okay, so what’s the solution here? Well, creating a special QR code and app deep link, of course— which gives your Cash App profile link the ability to open the Cash App from Facebook, Instagram, or another app. Let’s dive in.

Benefits of Creating QR Codes and App Deep Links to Open Cash App

Now you may be wondering, what is a deep link? Or why would I need a special QR code for my Cash App profile?

When you generate a deeplink connected to your Cash App profile using the URLgenius platform, it allows the person sending you the money to open Cash App directly to your profile— securely jumping over that website login— cool right?

The URLgenius lnk (behind a QR code or just the link) securely opens the Cash App directly to the profile

The benefit of this is clear— it means a quicker and more seamless transaction for both parties. Any guesswork or jumping between apps is taken out of the equation. The sender of funds doesn’t need to rack their brain for their Cash App password, and the receiving party gets their money instantly.

Additionally, the URLgenius platform lets you create a Cash App QR and app deep link at the same time! It’s a QR code generator and app deep linking platform all in one— a benefit that you definitely don’t want to overlook. Your app deep link to your Cash App profile is the link behind your custom QR code for Cash App— they’re essentially one and the same.

URLgenius lets you instantly create QR codes that open Cash App profiles and from social apps like Facebook

What that means is the app deep link to open the app (Cash App) from Facebook is the one that’s also behind the QR code that you can download. The main purpose of the QR code is to help expand the reach of your Cash App profile via different channels including print and other offline channels. Using QR codes everywhere to help people send you money!? Now that is some smart thinking because QR codes are popular these days!

The URLgenius deep linking and QR code generator platform also enables agencies and marketers to access stats such as the number of clicks, the number of times the app was opened, the various referring URLs, and approximate geo information.

But don’t worry! URLgenius is a privacy-centric platform and follows the latest privacy policies from Apple and Google. Now let’s go through the steps on how to create a Cash App QR code and app deep link that can open the Cash App from Facebook or any other channel.

Step-By-Step: How to Generate a QR Code and Deep Link that Opens the Cash App

The URLgenius platform was developed for marketers and agencies and allows you to easily create and test QR codes and deep links quickly and without installing a single thing (a lot of companies require SDKs). Deep links to open Cash App direct your audience exactly where you want them to be in the app for iOS or Android depending on the device clicking— in this case, your profile in the Cash app— all by clicking on a single link (you don’t need a separate deep link for iOS and Android).

URLgenius home page - Cash App QR code generator to open Cash App from social media

Step 1: Copy and paste the URL to your Cash App profile into the URLgenius home page. When pasting the link, notice the Cash App icon is highlighted— this tells you that URLgenius understands the type of link you just pasted!

Pro Tip: Note the field that lets you customize the end of the link to match your campaign. That will make this link easy to find later in your list of links in the URLgenius dashboard when you go look at the analytics.

URLgenius-generated Cash App QR deep link to open Cash App from social media

Step 2: Click “Compose,” and then you’ll be to the link’s settings page. To test the behavior of the link, scan the QR code or email it to yourself or someone on your team.

Notice that there are advanced features on the settings page— this is also where you can see clicks and the number of app-opens. You can also use your artist’s domain for your YouTube app deep link which is recommended.

URLgenius-generated Cash App QR QR code to open Cash App from social media

Cash App QR code to open app

Step 3: Click ‘QR Settings’ from the settings page to download your Cash App QR Code. are some ways you can use your Cash App QR code and deep link to open the app:

  • Place your Cash App QR code on your website
  • Place your Cash App QR code on your website
  • Use your Cash App Deep link via instant messaging
  • Use your Cash App Deep Link as the call-to-action at checkout
  • Place your Cash App QR code and link on direct mail

There’s no reason to wait any longer to send or receive $$$! Create your Cash App deep link and QR code to open the app right now in minutes! Sign up to get started.

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