May 18, 2016

New URLgenius Deep Linking Feature: Creating Custom Paths

Creating a custom path refers to the ability to change the path name of a URLgenius deep link. Until now, that feature was only available when creating URLgenius links to the app stores for iOS and\or Android. Based on feedback from our customers, we’ve extended this capability to all URLgenius links.

You will see the custom path field appear on the “Social Media Apps” tab and the “Any App” tab when pasting in your fallback web URL. Marketers may want to customize the URLgenius path to align their links with certain campaigns.

Step-by-step: URLgenius Deep Linking and Custom Paths

Reminder: To create deep links to your app, contact us to have your mobile app for iOS or Android added to the URLgenius platform. There is no charge for this service. The only requirement is that a URL scheme be assigned in your app for the page you are linking to.

Follow these steps to create a URLgenius deep link to your mobile app for iOS and\or Android while customizing the path name.

  1. Copy your web fallback link to the clipboard. This is the link your customers will go to when they don’t have your app installed or if they choose to open your mobile website instead of your app.
  2. Click the “Any App” tab on the URLgenius home page for composing links.URLgenius mobile deep linking and custom paths
  3. Paste the web fallback URL in the field provided on the URLgenius home or “Compose” page.. By default, URLgenius will populate the custom path field with 4 random characters.
    URLgenius mobile deep linking and custom paths
  4. To customize, simply type in your custom path name.URLgenius mobile deep linking with custom paths
  5. Select “Compose” to create your URLgenius deep link. Use your new URLgenius link in display, paid search, email and social campaigns.URLgenius mobile deep linking and custom paths.

Have a feature request?  Contact us and let us know!

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