October 30, 2012

The Retailer’s Guide to Social, Local, and Mobile

There’s a great new infographic worth checking out from Monetate, titled the The Retailers Guide to SoLoMo. Here are a few of the Social, Local, and Mobile consumer trends and marketing opportunities illustrated:

  • E-commerce conversion rates hover at 1% on Android and iPhone
  • 80% of smartphone users access social networks from mobile
  • 55% of smartphone users visit social networking sites once a day
  • 50% of smartphone owners use to assist in-store shopping
  • 35% of smartphone owners use in-store to research before buying
  • 48% of retailers have websites optimized for mobile users
  • 44% of retailers have not optimized their sites for mobile users
  • 34% of retailers have product reviews on their mobile websites
  • 81% of smartphone users spend time on mobile apps
  • 18% of smartphone users spend time using mobile web browsers


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