September 7, 2016

Twitter App Deep Linking for Marketers Step-by-Step

Deep linking to the Twitter apps for iOS and AndroidSocial media managers are always striving to increase engagement with their social content. When determining where to focus social marketing efforts, it helps to understand what percentage of a target audience has a particular social app installed on their mobile device.

Let’s take Twitter as an example. What percentage of your audience has the Twitter app? How many app opens are you triggering with your tweets throughout the day? What cities are they clicking from? These types of questions are not easily answered with Twitter analytics. App deep linking platforms like URLgenius let you see such insights.

Plus using an app deep link when promoting your Twitter profile in other social networks and channels will help you avoid that Twitter mobile website login which is preventing you from getting more followers.

  1. Create an app deep link to your Twitter profile.

URLgenius App Deep Linking for Any App on iOS or Android

  1. Login to URLgenius account:
    • You’ll see a box on the homepage where you can type or paste your Twitter profile:

URLgenius App Deep Linking for Any App on iOS or Android

  • Copy and paste your Twitter profile in the box provided:
  • Note that “username” is the Twitter profile name.
  • The screenshot below creates a link to the Gap’s Twitter profile
  • Pro Tip: Note the field that is populated with 4 random characters that you can change. Customize the end of the link to match your profile or the name of your campaign.

URLgenius App Deep Linking for Any App on iOS or Android

  1. Now click the “Compose Deeplink” button.
    • After clicking “Compose” you will be brought to the settings page for Twitter deep link you just created. Now you can copy the link for use in any marketing channel (website, email, etc).  Just place your URLgenius link behind the Twitter icon or in other channels to promote your profile. Notice there is a QR code which you can use to test the link which you can also customize and downlooad.

URLgenius App Deep Linking for Any App on iOS or Android

  1. Copy the link and use it in your other marketing channels.
    • Place it behind the Twitter logo on your website and email templates
    • Promote your Twitter app deep link within other social networks to when cross-promoting your social channels
  1. Twitter deep linking metrics via URLgenius
    • Once you start promoting your URLgenius deep link to your Twitter profile, you can login to understand your Twitter engagement you’re. Here’s an example of a chart for daily visitors, clicks and app opens from your Twitter profile link:

URLgenius Deep Links to Twitter Profiles

  • This next chart below shows your Twitter app opens by platform. You can also determine what percentage of your engagers have the Twitter mobile app installed while app store visits indicates people who have shown interest in your in-app Twitter profile but do not have the app installed.

URLgenius Deep Linking App Open Analytics for iOS and Android

  • And here’s a view of clicks on your URLgenius Twitter deep link by device and by state.

Mobile App Deep Linking App Analytics No SDK iOS or Android

URLgenius deep linking social appsMore Deep Linking Tips:
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