February 15, 2016

URLgenius: Deferred Deep Linking and App Download Intent

Online retailers and other companies with both mobile apps and mobile websites are navigating a tricky marketing landscape when it comes to optimizing the user experience. Although mobile websites have evolved significantly in the past several years, more brands and retailers are rolling out more advanced mobile apps designed to engage their best consumers more often.

To help make the most of these mobile investments, we’ve added new capabilities to the URLgenius deep linking platform that will help marketers manage the consumer journey between mobile app and mobile web.

URLgenius Choice Page Options

URLgenius Deferred Mobile Deep LinkingURLgenius provides marketers with complete control over the experience that lets consumers choose between app and web. Our objective is to enable marketers to deliver an experience that is contextually aware, avoids frustrating customers and helps drive mobile engagement and conversion while maximizing app downloads.

The URLgenius choice page presents the user with a dialog box to “Open in App” or “Open in Browser”. These choices are layered on top of a ghosted background of the web fallback URL. This provides users with a familiar, immersive, branded experience designed to maximize engagement by respecting user preferences.

Marketers have the ability to control the choice page display frequency. By default, URLgenius links are set to display the choice page 2% of the time while 98% of the time the app is auto-opened when it’s present on the device. See this article for more details.

When the app is not installed and the user chooses “Open in Browser”, the user will be taken to the page on the mobile website. If the app is not installed and the user chooses “Open in App” anyway, URLgenius interprets that action as a signal of interest in the app and asks the user if they would like to proceed to the app store. The choice page will stay active in the browser should the user choose to cancel or so he\she can return to it after downloading the app.

Deferred deep linking experience when selecting “Open in App” but the app is not installed:

(1) User selects “Open in app” when App is not installed. (This dialog displayed by iOS only.) (2) URLgenius interprets as interest in the app prompting the app store while the choice page stays open. (3) Advertiser app store page opens for downloading. (4) User can now return to the browser where the choice page is still open for selecting “Open in App”.
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App vs. Web: Deferred Deep Linking and Listening for Intent

Today many brands, retailers and other companies are sending all non-app users to the mobile website or to the app store by default which can be viewed as annoying at best or as a spam-like tactic at worst. URLgenius enables you to listen for when non-app users click “Open in App”, interpreting that as interest in the app and sending only those users to the app store creating an optimized deferred deep linking experience. At the same time, you can send “Open in Browser” traffic to your mobile website to help maximize consumer engagement and conversion.

URLgenius and Attribution

An important benefit of using URLgenius is the ability to pass tracking parameters for web and channel analytics applications. This is important for enabling marketers to determine which campaigns and marketing channels are driving the most downloads.

With URLgenius there is no SDK or installation of any software. We can help you link directly to your mobile app from any marketing channel to drive engagement, conversion and app downloads. Use URLgenius in display advertising, search marketing, email, affiliate or social marketing. Learn more in these FAQs and check out these Internet Retailer 500 deep linking examples.

Contact us about implementing a proof-of-concept at no charge. We can typically get test links setup within minutes!


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