• Outdoor gear retailer REI increased app re-engagement and gained new insights about consumers by using “web-to-app” marketing. Enable your marketing links to detect and open your iOS and Android apps from display, search, email, social and affiliate. URLgenius supports any web browser, no SDK integration, nothing to install.

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  • Broadcast TV has been slowly declining but will still command a significant share of total media spend in 2020 and beyond. Meanwhile, consumers are spending more of their free time in their favorite mobile apps. Advertisers can reinvent the TV call-to-action with a single web URL that can route traffic to desktop, mobile websites and mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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  • To capture mobile moments on Instagram, marketers need to create a seamless user experience on smartphones and tablets. Don’t send existing or potential followers to the Instagram mobile website to login. Learn the simplest way to get more Instagram followers and increase mobile engagement.

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SDKs and APIs are only part of the deep linking equation.
We’ve got the expertise, technology and services to optimize deep linking for multi-channel retailers as they capitalize on mobile moments throughout the consumer journey.

Say Hello to URLgenius

URLgenius provides you with enterprise deep linking designed for omnichannel marketers. No SDKs, APIs or IT resources needed, this easy-to-use tool empowers marketers to control when a link opens an app vs. mobile website. Control deep linking to your app or mobile website based on audience segment, app usage frequency, product category and promotion or time of day. Optimize your multi-channel campaigns in a whole new way. Download the use cases PDF.

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Don’t miss another mobile moment.

Whether you need support for specific deep linking projects or continuous deep linking optimization services, we can help your online business increase mobile engagement and conversion. Contact us for help across marketing channels, across apps or for basic information on how to get started.