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Google Strips Keyword Data on iOS6 Searches – But Not Android? Not Yet…

September 28, 2012 |

Marketers are starting to hear a new “giant sucking sound.” It’s the sound of vital iPhone and iPad search data being taken from their analytics with each new installation of iOS6.

This development was uncovered here and discussed at Search Engine Land. … Read More

Give Thanks Google Hasn’t Secured Mobile Search Data – Yet

November 21, 2011 |

(Read in entirety at Search Engine Land. Published 2011.)

As we approach Thanksgiving in the US, Google’s recent introduction of secure search understandably left many in SEO-land feeling more like the 99% these days – betrayed and powerless over the … Read More

10 Ways To Play Google’s Delay in Securing Mobile Search

November 21, 2011 |

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Today over at Search Engine Land, I look at Google’s recent introduction of “secure search” as it relates to mobile search, and in particular, it’s absence from mobile Google queries. I think this is fairly surprising, since … Read More

Are Mobile Apps Killing Your Mobile ROI?

June 7, 2011 |

Freshness over at Search Engine Land!

The apps smartphone users love the most – Facebook, Google Maps, Google Search, Twitter, Yelp, Groupon – all fail to send referrer data into your analytics when users click your “natural” links within these … Read More

RIP Referrer Data! How Mobile Apps Can Kill Your Mobile Metrics

June 6, 2011 |

(Read in entirety at Search Engine Land. Published 2011)

Imagine justifying your PPC budget, if you could no longer track which keywords sent each visitor. Regardless of how successful your program is today, you probably would not think twice about … Read More

Do You Hear What I Hear: Unwrapping Mobile Searcher Intent

January 14, 2011 |

(Read in entirety at Search Engine Land – December 2010)

With 2010 holiday shopping season nearly complete, every consumer brand has really been given the ultimate mobile gift this from their consumers: a massive trove of smartphone search analytic … Read More