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Does Google Love Your Mobile App?

December 14, 2011 | | 1 Comment

Posted by Brian Klais

Google has made huge strides lately indexing and displaying iOS (and Android) app profile pages within the regular search results. But curious minds want to know: just how is Google’s algorithm treating iOS apps listed among … Read More

Merry QRistmas: 5 Lessons from Brookstone’s 2011 Catalog

November 30, 2011 |

Posted by Brian Klais, November 29, 2011

As a QR strategy and technology guy, I encourage marketers to “QR Everything.” You can imagine my delight yesterday when I discovered in my mailbox a liberal dosage of QR codes on the … Read More

Give Thanks Google Hasn’t Secured Mobile Search Data – Yet

November 21, 2011 |

(Read in entirety at Search Engine Land. Published 2011.)

As we approach Thanksgiving in the US, Google’s recent introduction of secure search understandably left many in SEO-land feeling more like the 99% these days – betrayed and powerless over the … Read More

10 Ways To Play Google’s Delay in Securing Mobile Search

November 21, 2011 |

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Today over at Search Engine Land, I look at Google’s recent introduction of “secure search” as it relates to mobile search, and in particular, it’s absence from mobile Google queries. I think this is fairly surprising, since … Read More

Why Mobile Is Spinning Our New Invisible Web

October 24, 2011 |

(Read in entirety at Search Engine Land. Published 2011)

It’s been about a decade now since marketers woke up to the reality of the deep “invisible Web” – that mass of dynamic content search engines couldn’t see, index, or associate … Read More

Remember the Invisible Web? It’s Making a Mobile Comeback

October 24, 2011 |

Get a fresh shot of Pure Oxygen today at Search Engine Land.

In this new series kickoff, I provide provocative commentary on our original research into the visibility of mobile site content from leading retailers in the US. Here’s the … Read More

Research: How Mobile-Friendly Are IR100 Brands?

October 3, 2011 |

Did you know that today’s smartphone consumer has just a 1 in 5 chance of accessing mobile content from the largest US retailers? This is the surprising conclusion from new, original Pure Oxygen Mobile research, featured in the 2012 Internet … Read More

How to Create QR Codes with Optimal URL Strategies in Mind

September 26, 2011 |

Freshness at Search Engine Land today!

QR codes are “mobile links” that demand brevity from your SEO’d URLs – but how much is enough? In this piece, I explore the science of QR code creation, how URL size and error … Read More

How To Create QR Codes With Optimal URL Strategies In Mind

September 26, 2011 |

(Read in entirety at Search Engine Land. Published 2011)

My last few columns painted a picture of QR codes as a force that will disrupt paid search and organic search marketing strategies. QR codes give consumers a faster, easier shortcut … Read More